Facts about choosing sofas

Buying upholstered furniture for the house, few people think about what is inside the beloved "four-legged friend" (as often lovingly called a sofa). But still, to ask about his device is. At least in order not to be suddenly one on one with a breakdown. And this is quite possible, if before you buy a sofa, you do not care to learn about its device and proper use.

The main elements in the device of the sofa three. First of all, it is a frame. Then comes the padding, and only then - padding, which determines its color and texture. All three elements are important, as well as their compatibility. 

The quality of the product is determined by all three, and none can be neglected. All of them must be qualitatively made. And it depends first of all on what materials are used for their production.

Sometimes before you buy a sofa, its evaluation begins with the work of the transforming mechanism. But this is not quite true - it is not important how complex the mechanism is used to turn the sofa as a place to relax in the afternoon in a place for a night's rest.

And how reliable this Foundation is. That is, how solid the frame is made and how high quality materials are used. In simple models by simply high-quality wooden base. However, it is better to have been used valuable wood. But if the transforming mechanism is complex and requires greater stability and reliability - that in the construction of the frame should be used as wood and metal elements.